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VIDEO: Med Ball Push-Up Variation

Bored of your normal push-ups? Here's a great variation I use on my training clients that make the standard push-up morning interesting and challenging:

Grab (2) Med Balls of any size and weight:

1. Place your feet on one Med Ball and gain control in a big ‪#‎plank‬ position. ***CAREFUL of hyperextending your back*** Keep your hips rotated forwards.

2. Grab the second Med Ball and alternate, back and forth, doing your push-up with one hand on the Med Ball.

Try to do 20 reps. This can be included anywhere in a ‪full body‬ circuit, a ‪chest‬ session or as a chest burnout.

Here my client, Jeff, shows you how it's done. I have him working/focusing on intercostal ‪core‬ muscles, stability control, breathing, pace and giving those ‪abs‬ and chest a great burnout.

Try it! Like it! Share it! And let me know how you do!

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