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VIDEO: (Week 1) 15-Minute At Home Beginner Workout Series

BOOM!!! Here it is...

Week 1 of my 15-Minute Beginner Workout Series - my brand new 10-Week Fitness Series, featuring 15-minute workouts for ANY age and ALL athletic abilities. No equipment needed. No excuses allowed.

I don't care what your size, age or physical ability is - EVERYONE has an inner athlete and it's time to AWAKEN YOURS!

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Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Chris Tye-Walker brings you a brand new At-Home 10-Week Workout Series geared towards the fitness beginner and all physical abilities.

FIT IN 15 features 15-minute at-home workouts for all ages: No Equipment needed. No Excuses allowed! Everyone has an inner athlete and it's time to get off the couch and AWAKEN YOURS!


Is a full body CIRCUIT workout with (9) exercises targeting legs, butt, abs, arms and core. Chris Tye-Walker demonstrates and works-out alongside you, providing tips on form and exercise fundamentals to help you establish a proper fitness base.

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