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TRAIN WITH ME: Killer Legs for the Ladies

Here is today's Killer Leg Workout for my girls. It's an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible), so grab a pen and record your scores.

Grab a pair of heavy weights. Weights are all dependent on your own strength level, but try to go heavy please - roughly 15 to 30lbs.

Do each set only ONE TIME through. At the end of the AMRAP, add in 2-minutes of abs then go straight in to the next super set. Each AMRAP is 1-minute long.... GO AS HARD AS YOU CAN!

Most the heavy leg exercise are repeated 2 times with the AMRAP changing each set. The weights below are a guide and show what my super star client Joan lifts, as well as her AMRAP scores. Try and beat it if you can!

1. Squats 1x10 @30lbs, warrior jumps / Reps: 43

2. Squats 1x10 @30lbs, plyometric long jumps, jump squat, jump twist / Reps: 13

3. Clean squat & press 1x10@20lbs, burpie split lunge jumps / Reps: 15

4. Clean squat & press 1x10@20lbs, plea dumbbell pulls @30lbs / Reps: 31

5. Single leg squats 1x10@25lbs, split lunge jump & pulse / Reps: 28

6. Single leg squats 1x10@25lbs, burpie box jumps / Reps: 15

7. Plea sqauts 1x10@60lbs (with pulse) leg drive / Reps: 60 (switch at 10)

8. Walking lunges 1x10@20lbs, 30meter hill sprints / Reps: 6

GOOD LUCK....... This will kick your ass!!!!

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