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TRAIN WITH ME: ... On Vacation

Just a lil vacation workout for ya. Post-breakfast and before a relaxing day at the pool I got a Chest & Abs workout in.

The hotel gym weights weren't nearly heavy enough, so to make the sets more challenging I changed the stability for the burn outs by adding push-ups wtih the med ball or Swiss ball.

There's always time to get in a workout... EVEN ON V A C A T I O N ! It's a choice whether you make it a priority. Feel good, swear a little and then relax and treat yourself to a cocktail and yummy food all day. This was the perfect start to my vacation week.

Each super set 3x10 reps

SET ONE Dumbbell Bench @50lbs, med ball push ups

SET TWO Narrow dumbbell bench @50lbs, narrow med ball push ups

SET THREE Incline dumbbell bench @50lbs, decline Swiss ball push ups

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