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VIDEO: Bodyrock Bootcamp - Week 10

This is it ‪Bodyrockers‬... the final week of my 10-week bootcamp series! I know yall have loved it and it's been such a honor to train with you over the last two and a half months.

I'm so proud and inspired by all of your efforts, tags, comments and feedback. Don't forget to post your scores from this beauty..... we are closing it out with CHALLENGE WEEK: 8 exercises, max effort... let me know how you do.


Compare your scores against mine and the amazing Bodyrock host Lisa-Marie, who posted hers a few weeks back!

Love you guys and hope to see you all again soon. If you enjoyed this series please give the video a thumbs-up and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel, and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Insta for more updates and awesome workouts.

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