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FOOD FAV: Gluten/Dairy Free Gelato Sandwich (from Beaming Cafe)

This uhhhhhmazing Mocha Almond Butter Vegan Gelato Sandwich from BEAMING CAFE in West Hollywood is my FOOD FAV of the week!

It's pure. It's ingredients are entirely clean, and it's as good as a cheat snack could be! Gluten free and vegan! To me this is everything and it taste soooooo perfect. Find it in the freezer section at Beaming Cafe (on the corner of La Cienega and Melrose), for you locals... or visit their Brentwood, Santa Monica, Del Mar or La Jolla locations.

Bring me this treat if I'm ever, sad, cranky, bitchy or you've done something wrong and you know I'm going to be pissed.... or simply out of love, cuz you know my addiction for all things c h o c o l a t e. ‪


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