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FIT FAV: S'well 17oz Stone Bottle

My FIT FAV this week is this AMAZING stone bottle by S'WELL.

I've been obsessed with this 17oz bottle from S'well's Stone Collection for months now. I take it everywhere. It's sexy. It's tactile. It's bright (mine is a happy orange, but you can choose from a variety of colors and designs - in 9oz, 17oz or 25oz sizes)... and it works!!!

I've never found a bottle that keeps hot drinks hot for 12-hours and cold drinks cold for 24-hours. I can even leave it in my car on a hot day and it's perfectly cool when I return.

Hydration is soooo important when it comes to healthy living; it keeps us full, stops snacking and makes everything work better. So stay healthy, hydrated (and be economical) by getting your S'well bottle!

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